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Project Description

Client’s Question:

Organize a LinkedIn and Social Selling event in Zagreb for A1 Telekom Group sales professionals to use LinkedIn more successfully in commercial processes.

Our Approach:

We offered our client four different sessions during one day:

  • Workshop Social Selling (100 fte from Austria, Croatia and Serbia) with the aim of buy-in from management, removing objections and inspiring participants to integrate LinkedIn into the (online) sales process
  • Workshop Social Selling Program Set Up (25 fte) with the aim of offering the responsible managers and participants in Social Selling project a guide to professionalize and expand their program
  • Workshop Social Selling Content (20 fte) with the aim of inspiring the Sales and Marketing Teams with distinctive knowledge about how to create the optimal content strategy (organic and sponsored) and the necessary alignment between Sales & Marketing.
  • Sales Navigator Workshop (15 FTE) with the aim of increasing the effectiveness with which Sales Navigator is used, teaching participants various strategies on how to get in touch and generating more leads.


  • Further optimization of the LinkedIn presence (both individual and the national company pages), more engagement
  • Expansion of the Social Selling program in participants and participating countries within the A1 Telekom Group.
  • Up to 40% more leads with individual participants through application knowledge, tips and strategies

Customer speaking:

“I had the pleasure to organize a whole day A1 TAG social selling training, for which we selected Richard as the trainer. Feedback from the Sales and Marketing audience from 3 countries was: “great, useful and concrete”, “magnificent”, “exceeded expectations”, “engaging”, “very high quality”. The event inspired and reinforced the overall commitment to social selling; helped fine tune our program; and will be critical to integrate LinkedIn in our processes. And the value of the knowledge transfer will not be limited just to the participants: we are delighted that we also have the opportunity to produce an internal course for use throughout the A1 companies. To summarize, I absolutely recommend Richard for his deep expertise; for the flexibility to create a training customized for the exact needs of our company; for the presentation/public speaking skill to deliver an interesting and interactive event; as well as for the professional but direct communication we had during the upfront preparations and the follow-up after the event.”

~ Igor Mitrushevski, B2B Business Marketeer ~

Project Details

  • KlantCase A1 Telekom Group
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