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Project Description

Client’s Question:

Provide training for Sales and Marketing team to use LinkedIn more effectively for conversion and leads.

Our Approach:

Compiled a Full-Day LinkedIn Personal Branding and Social Selling (incl. Sales Navigator) training for account managers in Amsterdam (10 fte) and Barcelona (15 fte). Inspiration session and half-day training for Marketing Europe (15 fte) focused on more engagement and conversion of content (organic and sponsored). Provided a Full-Day LinkedIn Training to entire European Inside Sales department (60 fte) aimed at strengthening profile and making quality contacts with new prospects.


  • Better coordination between Sales and Marketing within LinkedIn and strategic and professional development of individual profiles.
  • 5x more engagement and 3x more content conversion from downloadable content (E-Books and Whitepapers)
  • 20% more leads within 2 months (compared to teams without training)

Customer speaking:

“Rarely had training received by a marketing and sales team with such enthusiasm and translated directly into action. Richard knows how to hold attention during his training and also keeps speed. He gives very good insight into how LinkedIn works, so you also understand the effect of your actions. “~ Rene de Jong, Commercial Director ~

Project Details

  • KlantWebfleet Solutions
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