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The possibilities of LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the platform for finding a new job or employee, a new supplier or customer. But also to keep abreast of trends and developments in your field, to share your knowledge and expertise with your target group.

Whether you are employed in Recruitment, Sales, Marketing and / or Communication, LinkedIn can not be ignored in your online toolkit. But how do you get your organization to recognize the importance of a quality network? To work together on the ‘social capital’ that makes finding new employees and clients more successful?

We have been providing LinkedIn training courses both in the Netherlands and abroad since 2008, in all conceivable sectors. We have now been able to train more than 20,000 professionals and more than 400 companies. We look forward to working with you on the possibilities to use our knowledge and expertise for your organization.

You can contact us for in-company training on:

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Frequently Asked Questions

When employees use their LinkedIn profile strategically, this immediately brings a number of benefits to the organization. First of all, the organization and its services / products become more visible within LinkedIn. When we show employees how to share valuable content, this also reinforces findability in Google. In addition, your customers are orientating themselves more and more online, professional individual profiles are distinctive online business cards.
In short: more reach, more visibility, better first impression towards the target group.

We provide this LinkedIn training on location of our client, in the Netherlands or abroad. In Dutch or English and other languages ​​are negotiable. All our training courses are tailored to your wishes, target group and learning objectives. In consultation, we plan the training moments, time and duration. We are happy to use a suitable room with a screen, flipchart and excellent internet. And we also appreciate good coffee.

Good question! Our first training course realizes enthusiasm and insight among the participants how easy it can be to achieve your goals with LinkedIn. However, to integrate LinkedIn into your daily work, we also need to change attitudes and behaviour. When we provide multiple sessions, we bring more depth to the knowledge and we give the participants concrete tools to use LinkedIn more effectively. We then aim for quick wins (to maintain enthusiasm) and long-term profit (to make a substantial contribution to the success of the company).