LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Not only a business social media platform, LinkedIn is also a solid business tool. More and more organizations facilitate their sales professionals with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the paid sales subscription. An investment that earns itself back quickly with our professional training and guidance.

What to expect from us?

  • Clarification on the structure and all functionalities of Sales Navigator.
  • How to use Leadbuilder for effective searches.
  • Various social selling tactics to get in touch with prospects and to work towards appointments or leads (InMail, Leads, Accounts).
  • Synergy between Sales Navigator and the regular LinkedIn account.
  • An effective strategy to implement Social Selling and Sales Navigator in the daily and weekly routine of the sales professional.
  • How to use Teamlink and Pointdrive from Sales Navigator Enterprise.
  • Information about the possible integration with your CRM and other tools.

Sales Navigator has three packages (Professional, Team and Enterprise), all of which have a different cost and functionality. Not sure (yet) which Sales Navigator subscription suits your organization and professionals best? We can help you make the right choice.

Take this training in one day or two half-days, as you prefer. Opt for one part of the day session and we set up Sales Navigator together with your people and guide them. Opt for two half-day sessions and 4 weeks after the first session we will sit with your team to generate leads and appointments. Get started together!

Sessions in Dutch or English? We’ve got you covered.