Social Selling

What is Social Selling? All online actions aimed to: create a strong brand, establish and maintain valuable contacts with customers and prospects, and add value and expertise. This in order to positively influence the purchasing process of (potential) customers and to strengthen existing relationships.

Due to the rise of the internet and the network society, the behavior of B2B buyers has changed.

Online tools (such as Vainu, Apostle, Sales Navigator) and platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, dynamic CRM) provide new customer information. With the right attitude and knowledge, every sales professional can use this to distinguish themselves. Social Selling adds value to the customer relationship, solicited and unsolicited. It dares you to connect your network and allows you to see and grab opportunities.

Just Connecting strives to provide an integral and pragmatic Social Selling approach, where training courses and processes are tailor-made and organized for your organization. The goal? More leads, agreements and ultimately more turnover through an increased level of knowledge and attitude shift regarding Social Selling. Your organization becomes more pro-active, your employees more successful and the results will improve!

These are the services that we can provide for your organization: