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Social Selling

All online actions aimed to: create a strong brand, establish and maintain valuable contacts with customers and prospects, and add value and expertise. This in order to positively influence the purchasing process of (potential) customers and to strengthen existing relationships.

Due to the rise of the internet and the network society, the behavior of B2B buyers has changed.

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Online tools (such as Vainu, Apostle, Sales Navigator) and platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, dynamic CRM) provide new customer information. With the right attitude and knowledge, every sales professional can use this to distinguish themselves. Social Selling adds value to the customer relationship, solicited and unsolicited. It dares you to connect your network and allows you to see and grab opportunities.

Just Connecting strives to provide an integral and pragmatic Social Selling approach, where training courses and processes are tailor-made and organized for your organization. The goal? More leads, agreements and ultimately more turnover through an increased level of knowledge and attitude shift regarding Social Selling. Your organization becomes more pro-active, your employees more successful and the results will improve!

These are the services that we can provide for your organization:

Social Selling Inspiration session

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Social Selling Training

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Social Selling Trajectory

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Consultancy Social Selling

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because the average buying process has changed enormously over the last 10 years. Your potential client is searching for referrals, your authority and insights online!

Therefore, sharing valuable content is becoming increasingly important, social media (and more specific LinkedIn) are being consulted for references and relevant insights. Don’t miss out! Invest in Social Selling to identify concrete sales signals, unravel networks for qualitative introductions and to become top-of-mind among your target group.

Every company active in the B2B segment can use Social Selling (via LinkedIn). Obviously, there are certain segments that show less activity and engagement on Social Media and LinkedIn. However, we teach you how to reach your decision makers indirectly, how your valuable insights can be directed in such a way that they end up with your target group anyway. We can do that with all the free options LinkedIn provides, or with the advanced paid solutions like Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator is the paid subscription for sales professionals on LinkedIn. There are three options, Professional, Team Edition and Enterprise Edition. We advise Team Edition for organizations with more than 5 sales professionals, Enterprise is more suitable and adapted for large organizations / corporates. Sales Navigator allows you to more easily identify your prospects (company level) and decision makers (individual profiles) with more advanced filters. You get various tools to reach out to them directly and there are integrations with several CRM systems.

Many of our clients come to us via reference from existing customers, which is of course the best advertising you could wish for. Social Selling is more than an explanation about LinkedIn or Sales Navigator features. The trainer should be able to inspire your sales people, get involved in their challenges and devise suitable tactics with them. Check whether the trainer himself has worked in a sales position and of course whether he himself also uses Sales Navigator. Dare to ask for a track record, ask for concrete results.

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