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Project Description

Client’s Question:

Provide LinkedIn & Sales Navigator workshops for Relationship Managers Mid Corporates, with the objective to become more active with LinkedIn and more successful with Sales Navigator in generating leads.

Our Approach:

Two half-days Training sessions for the entire population (150 fte) Relationship managers focused on:

  • Day part 1: compose customer-oriented profile, how to connect with potential clients and share valuable content for better engagement
  • Day part 2: optimizing and strategic use of Sales Navigator for lead generation, InMail strategies, Saved Searches, Pointdrive


  • SSI increase among participants from an average of 42 to 60 (in 3 months)
  • Demonstrable appointments and new leads realized in complex segments
  • Increase of engagement (300%) on shared content by individual participants

Customer speaking:

“Richard gave Personal Branding and Sales Navigator training for our Relationship Managers for the Mid Corporates. In addition, Richard takes the latest developments regarding LinkedIn (and Sales Navigator) into a hands-on approach for Sales. With unwavering enthusiasm and practical tips and tricks, which you can apply immediately, he takes you to the optimal LinkedIn strategy in a few hours. He explains how the LinkedIn algorithms work, so that you can control the effect of your LinkedIn activity much better. The evaluation of the participants in the training sessions unanimously revealed “his interactive and accessible way of training”, together with “a perfect balance between theory and applicability”. It is not for nothing that his training programs score a whopping 9+! We see a significant increase in inspiration and activity on LinkedIn from our Sales. “~ Vera Schuurman, Customer Journey Expert Mid Coroporates ING Netherlands

Project Details

  • KlantING Netherlands
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